More than 20 years of Loving and Raising Australian Shepherds

We love sharing the joy of owning an Australian Shepherd! More than 20 years ago, we purchased Abby our first registered puppy. From a young age with the support of my parents, Abby and I began traveling and sharing about the importance of dog health and care. The photos below, found in my mothers album and likely taken with an instant or disposable camera, document how this journey began.

Having an Australian Shepherd is a learning journey!

What began with our personal pet, has now turned into a passion of raising puppies. Many lessons have been learned along the way. It is our goal to help equip dog families to have the same experiences we have enjoyed for all of these years. People travel long distances to buy one of our puppies. We go the extra mile to ensure that our dogs are the best quality for potential families.

As my dad says, “I raise puppies and my son sells them on online”. As a retired Vietnam Veteran, my father and I caught this vision together. Although happiness cannot be bought or sold, it definitely comes with owing a puppy. Doubt me? When someone is looking to buy and they experience puppy kisses, the journey has already began. We help make this happen. At that moment the journey has just began for another dog family.

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